[Samba] smbclient -k fails

Aden, Steve saden at itscommunications.com
Wed Mar 17 16:26:24 GMT 2004

	I'm no expert, but I don't believe you would specify -k and -U
at the same time. You can get a kerberos ticket by using the kinit
command such as "kinit <user>@REALM". Once completed successfully, you
could do "smbclient -k -L <server>". You can see your kerberos tickets
by using the command klist.


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Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2004 11:04 AM
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Subject: [Samba] smbclient -k fails

Hello the list,

I have a problem using smbclient with samba 3.0.2a + kerberos, in a
AD environment.

When I run

smbclient -k -U <AD user> -L <server>

where <AD user> is an AD user, and <server> the samba server OR the AD
controller, I get the following error :

krb5_cc_get_principal failed (No credentials cache found)
spnego_gen_negTokenTarg failed: No credentials cache found
session setup failed: NT_STATUS_OK

But without the -k, it works without problem.

Has someone any idea ?


Here is my krb5.conf file :

  default = FILE:/var/log/krb5/libs.log
  kdc = FILE:/var/log/krb5/kdc.log
  admin_server = FILE:/var/log/krb5/admin.log

  ticket_lifetime = 24000
  default_realm = IRCAD.FR
  default_tgs_enctypes = des-cbc-crc des-cbc-md5
  default_tkt_enctypes = des-cbc-crc des-cbc-md5
  forwardable = true
  proxiable = true
  dns_lookup_realm = true
  dns_lookup_kdc = true

  IRCAD.FR = {
    kdc = ircadsrv.ircad.fr:88
    default_domain = ircad.fr

   .ircad.fr = IRCAD.FR
   ircad.fr = IRCAD.FR

   profile = /var/kerberos/krb5kdc/kdc.conf

   debug = false
   ticket_lifetime = 36000
   renew_lifetime = 36000
   forwardable = true
   krb4_convert = false

and this is my smb.conf file :

   workgroup = D_IRCAD
   netbios name = PRINTSRV2
   client use spnego = yes
   server string = %h server (Samba %v)

   wins support = no
   wins server =
   dns proxy = no

   log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
   log level = 3
   max log size = 1000

   syslog = 0

####### winbindd configuration
  winbind separator = +
  idmap uid = 10000-20000
  idmap gid = 10000-20000
  winbind enum users = yes
  winbind enum groups = yes
  template homedir = /home/%D/%U
  template shell = /bin/bash

####### Authentication #######

   security = ads
   password server = IRCADSRV
   realm = IRCAD.FR
   encrypt passwords = yes
   passdb backend = tdbsam guest
   invalid users = root

   passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u
   passwd chat = *Enter\snew\sUNIX\spassword:* %n\n
*Retype\snew\sUNIX\spassword:* %n\n .

########## Printing ##########

Christian Haessig

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