[Samba] "login to domain" from linux workstation

Taavi Dovnar taavid at luunja.edu.ee
Wed Mar 17 07:24:01 GMT 2004

So far we have samba server (RedHat), that manages with users and
network drives (users login to domain). All machines in the network are
Win95/98/2000/XP. But now we are trying to test some Linux (RedHat at
the moment) workstations... How can users "login to domain" in the Linux
machine, so that the same username-passwords are used and appropriate
network-drives are automaticly mapped (every user has his home directory 
(which resides actually on another server) and some network-drives are 
mapped according to groups)?

Well I can do local account in the linux-box with the same username and 
use "authconfig" to configure SMB authentication. So login is possible 
with same username/password this way, but is it neccesary to create 
local account in linux-box for every user? 

And mapping network-drives is easy using smbmount when there is one 
user... But how can mapping be done, when there is more than one user?? 

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