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Wed Mar 17 07:13:04 GMT 2004

Thank you for your interest in Fuji Publishing Group - home of the number one cigar page on the planet.

Because we receive over 1000 email messages every day, we have built this autoresponder to let you know that your email message was received and will be responded to as soon as possible.

We provide complete turnkey web solutions for tobacconists, cigar related manufacturers, wine shops and wine and spirits manufacturers.  We can do everything from setup and design of your own domain name to providing just a link on our award winning cigar and wine pages.

We were the first multi vendor cigar page in existence.  We have designed and produced more tobacco related sites than anyone in the world.

We need to know something about your company before we can quote prices.  Are you a shop, manufacturer or otherwise?  The more detail you provide, the more information we can send you.  Sending email to info at fujipub.com again will result in you getting this autoresponder, so feel free to email Bobby Holstein at bobby at fujipub.com

Feel free to call Bobby Holstein at 253/305-0740 for immediate assistance.

If you are asking about how to order cigars or accessories, we do not sell anything.  We are web page designers specializing in cigars, wines and spirits.  Contact information is available on the individual web pages.  If they have an email address, it will be on the page.  If not, please call them for further information.

Thank you.
The staff and management of Fuji Publishing Group

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