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You should be able to click Tools/Disconnect Network Drive from a
Windows Explorer window, then select the connection to the Samba server
and click ok. Note, this can be done even if the connection was not
mapped to a drive letter, such as by typing \\server\share in the run
box. You can then map a drive to the server with a different user

Steve Aden

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I hope someone can anser that... I would find it ver useful too !!
was the DOS "net logoff" but that will not work in a Windows VM, only in
"real mmode" :-(

> Hi,
> Two questions, only slightly related to SAMBA :
> 1) when I have logged into my Samba server (rh9) from
> a W2K or XP
> client, how can I log out again so that I can log in
> as someone else. I
> know logging out of W2K/XP will work, but I would like
> to log out of the
> SAMBA server w/o logging out of W2K/XP. My Mac OS X
> client has an
> 'eject' button which I can use - something similar to
> that is what I am
> after.

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