[Samba] understanding pam_ldap vs. winbindd

Matthias Eichler mylists at ame.de
Mon Mar 15 19:48:08 GMT 2004

Dear List,

some general question concerning the general understanding
of pam_ldap and winbindd.

I understand winbindd as a daemon who maps existing
Windows User from some SAM (for example NT or samba PDC)
into the unix os level.

On the member server (fileserver with acls) we have pam_ldap
running and over this way there are all users and groups
existing on the os level which we need for samba access.

Do I understand winbindd right in that way that I do not
need winbindd at all in this setup?

	If no, why does I get map errors in the log that
	SIDs cant be mapped to gid or uid?
	(net groupmap list just shows -1 entries,
	 manual groupmaps cant be inserted => error)

	If yes, whats the failure in my logic?

Thanks for all input!


P.S.: We were breaking our heads for hours now because
of this groupmap errors.

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