AW: [Samba] Roaming profiles on a small network

Stumpfl Markus htl.traun.kustos at
Mon Mar 15 07:04:22 GMT 2004

Well, configuring samba as a pdc typically is not a great deal (I'm a noob
too) but if you're running into problems, you can get mad real easy :/

But I would try it.


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> Hi list,
> I intend to run an old pentium 133 as a linux-based fileserver on my home
> network (I have to use windows for my main machine and laptop!)  Im having
> great diffiuculty synching the data, email, etc on my laptop and desktop,
> so
> I thought I might configure samba to act as a DC and use roaming profiles
> to
> make sure that my data is always synched.  My question is this: is it
> worth
> the effort?  Do you have any experience of doing so?  Im not talking about
> a
> huge network here, literally just 2 machines.  Obviously I couldnt log
> onto
> both machines at once, and Id have to be sure to log on and off with the
> laptop after a trip away from base so as to upload all relevant data to
> the
> server before logging onto to the desktop.
> Im not asking for actual technical help (im a linux/samba newbie, just in
> case that wasnt obvious ;-) ), but more your thoughts on whether this
> would
> be feasible/suitable
> Matt
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