[Samba] citrix stores addition information into SAM on pdc

roland for_spam at gmx.de
Sun Mar 14 14:51:31 GMT 2004

(see below)

maybe this is of interest for people planning to use samba in a WTS/Citrix environment.

it`s about the question, that samba couldn`t store terminal-server-specific user settings (e.g. shadowing on/off) in its SAM (tdbsam
or ldapsam).

first tests show, that it seems to work with the latest CVS.
i`m using tdbsam as the passdb backend.

perhaps you wts/citrix/samba admin out there also want to test & share your experience.


ntsec is just a commanline replacement for that click-click-M$-GUI-stuff ;)

> we had a short conversation regarding wts/citrix params on irc some days ago.
> i`d like to report, that my first tests look promising.
> i`m testing @home - no citrix around here, but ntsec commandline tools (btw: good product! eval. copy available!) let me
> some wts/citrix appropriate params, and they seem to be stored right (see below)
> fine ! :)

> C:\Programme\Pedestal Software\NTSEC>ntuser -wts -s smb3server change root -wts_home_dir_drive c:
> C:\Programme\Pedestal Software\NTSEC>ntuser -wts -s smb3server change root -wts_shadowing_settings 1
> C:\Programme\Pedestal Software\NTSEC>ntuser -wts -s smb3server change root -wts_home_dir \\test1\test
> C:\Programme\Pedestal Software\NTSEC>ntuser -wts -s smb3server change root -wts_timeout_idle 123
> C:\Programme\Pedestal Software\NTSEC>ntuser -wts -s smb3server show root
> SERVER           \\smb3server
> NAME             root
> FULL_NAME        root
> PRIV             Guest
> HOME_DIR         c:\temp
> PROFILE          \\smb3server\root\profile
> NUM_LOGONS       0
> LOGON_SERVER     \\*
> LOGON            Not defined
> LOGOFF           Not defined
> LOGON_HOURS      None allowed
> PASSWORD         *****
> PASSWORD_AGE     7202 sec
> BAD_PW_COUNT     0
> ACCT_EXPIRES     Never
> MAX_STORAGE      Unlimited
> USER_ID          1000
> WTS Initial Program
> WTS Working Directory
> WTS Inherit Initial Program True
> WTS Allow Logon             True
> WTS Timeout Connections     0
> WTS Timeout Disconnections  0
> WTS Timeout Idle            123                <----
> WTS Client Drives           True
> WTS Client Printers         True
> WTS Client Default Printer  True
> WTS Broken Timeout          0
> WTS Reconnect Settings      0
> WTS Modem Callback Settings 0
> WTS Modem Callback Phone
> WTS Shadowing Settings      1                   <----
> WTS Profile Path
> WTS Home Dir                \\test1\test        <----
> WTS Home Dir Drive          c:                ´ <----
> WTS Remote Home Dir         True
> UF_SCRIPT : The logon script executed. This value must be set for LAN Manager 2.0 or Windows NT.
> UF_NORMAL_ACCOUNT : This is a default account type that represents a typical user.
> | is that mentioned "patch" (or whatever - see below) already available for the public for testing?
> | i assume the "wts" enhancement could probably add support for citrix, too. (because citrix probably stores
> | informations in the same way as wts does) because we have citrix and i like supporting open-source,
> | i would like to offer being an "early adopter" and perhaps could help with testing in a citrix environment
> | or supplying probably valuable information/bugreports. is there need for that?
> Jim McDonough has been working on that and would probably appreciate some extra testing.  The quickest way is
> to grab the latest SAMBA_3_0 cvs code and give it a spin. The work is not quite finished currently IIRC.
> You could check with Jim for the latest status. You can find jim (jmcd) on the #samba-technical IRC channel
> (irc.freenode.net) or on the samba-technical ml.

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