[Samba] samba 3 ldap pdc

Lukas Meyer lukas at msys.ch
Fri Mar 12 07:21:57 GMT 2004

Craig White wrote:

>On Thu, 2004-03-11 at 00:51, Lukas Meyer wrote:
>>Hi list!
>>I set up a new Samba 3 PDC with ldap backend. In our network, there 
>>already exists an old samba 2.2.8 PDC with ldap backend. Now I have two 
>>PDC named DOMAIN1 and DOMAIN2. Because in our network, there are a lot 
>>of windows NT4 and W2k workstations that are loggin on to DOMAIN1, I 
>>don't want to join every workstation to DOMAIN2.
>>Is it possible to shut down DOMAIN1, and configure the new PDC DOMAIN2 
>>as DOMAIN1 so the workstations don't have to join again btw wouldn't get 
>>new profiles? I migrated all workstation and user accounts to the new 
>>one, so every workstation and user has also access to the new PDC. Or 
>>exists any other method of migrating to the new PDC? The big problem is 
>>that I want to keep the profiles of every user.
>I am a bit surprised by this question since it would seem that someone
>that has already set up LDAP on both samba 2.2x & 3 has a pretty good
>working knowledge of the differences in schema/attributes of the two and
>could probably slapcat their LDAP from the 2.2x version (machine
>accounts) - find & replace fix the changes and import them into the LDAP
>store for 3.0.x
>Obviously the DOMAIN NAME, localSID, GID's etc will differ and those
>must also be fixed.
>There is a section about conversion from 2.2x to 3.0.x in the how-to
Hi Craig

I think you miss understood me. I still migrated the ldap entries and 
group entries. But I have the problem with the profiles. I don't want to 
use roaming profiles so If I join a workstation to the new DOMAIN, there 
will be created a new profile and I want to keep them. So I've got the 
idea of shutting down DOMAIN1 and configure the new samba 3 domain to 
DOMAIN1 and the workstations won't recognize if the PDC is the old 
samba2 or the new one. Or are there any profile migration scripts or 
anything else?


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