[Samba] Sustainable transfer rate with Samba

Chao-Chun Wang ccwang at entropic-communications.com
Fri Mar 12 03:11:38 GMT 2004

We have a customer who requires us to use SAMBA to transfer large amount
of data with sustainable transfer rate of 30Mbits/s.
Both server and client is Linux machine. We already tried to set the
SENDBUF and RECVBUF to 64K and IPTOS_LOWDELAY but the best we could get
is about 5Mbits/s.
After reviewing the Ethereal trace, it is clear that the client only
request 4096 byte of data per read request throughout the test period.
Does anyone know how to tune the Linux samba client to improve
throughput? Thanks in advance.
Chao-Chun Wang

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