[Samba] Samba and LDAP backend - howto docs problems?

RRuegner robert at ruegner.org
Thu Mar 11 00:08:44 GMT 2004

Graham Leggett schrieb:

> RRuegner wrote:
>> Hi, yes the tools should be better described as they are in the smb 
>> sources
>> i found it very hard at my first setup ldap smb.
>> On the other Hand many setups are thinkable with ldap, a description
>> to the ldap populate is only one way  ( fast , working )
>> to come to a working smb ldap pdc
> The LDAP capability is very useful, which is why I am trying to solve 
> the problems, but the lack of usability is a complete showstopper. I 
> cannot install a system that if something goes wrong in six months time, 
> nobody will have a clue on how to fix it.
> I have been looking at the smbldap-tools package, and cannot believe at 
> how difficult it is to set up. Most of the information in the 
> smbldap_conf.pm file is already specified in the smb.conf file - this 
> means that down the line when somebody else changes smb.conf, things 
> will stop working, and they won't know why.
> The functionality provided by smbldap-tools should be built into Samba
>> from scratch, I don't see why there is such a need to jump through hoops 
> like this.
> Regards,
> Graham
> -- 

Hi, as you heard the new Book is on the way , samba is very dynamic this 
times so i found that this running in a very short time if you think 
about the big work about doku is to do.
i just setup a big smb ldap bdc vpn enviroment , and my failures give me 
more understand to ldap and windows .
But all info is just right now on the web , for sure in different places
i had to read technet , ldap faq and idealix doku so iam happy to see 
the book.
After all i will have to write a doku to my setup system which will host 
over 500 users , but now as iam going to all my failures i am not afraid 
to write it.
And i have to do it in german and in english .... have you ever tried to 
translate tec things in german *grins.
dont be afraid , all the stuff i tested worked very nice so push your 
work and make users happy with their brand new samba.

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