[Samba] Samba and LDAP backend - howto docs problems?

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Wed Mar 10 15:12:48 GMT 2004

On Wed, 10 Mar 2004, Graham Leggett wrote:

> Norman Dressler wrote:
> > This can also be a symptom of not having the guest account properly mapped to
> > a nobody or similar account.  Could also happen if you don't have a 'root'
> > account in your ldap directory.  You must also have the proper configurations
> > for the Domain groups like Domain Users and Domain Guests, etc.
> Can you describe what "proper configs for the Domain Groups" means? So
> far the docs have told me they need to be configured properly, but then
> don't say how.
> > As you can see, I had to learn the hard (best?) way -- trial and error.  I've
> > been bitten by all of them at one time or another.
> >>Have you set up your scripts?
> >>	- add user script
> >>	- delete user script
> >>	- add machine script
> >>	- add group script
> >>	- delete group script
> >>	- add user to group script
> >>	- etc.
> Would it be possible to post the piece of smb.conf that shows these
> scripts correctly configured? So far I've found volumes of man pages for
> various scripts, but I have no clue on what options to pass to them so
> that they work.

This has been fully documented in my new book "Samba-3 by Example" in
which are provided detailed step-by-step procedures for implementing
complete working networking solutions.

This new book introduces a wide range of network environment needs,
dissects those needs from the perspective of what needs to be implemented,
looks at each requirement technically and politically, and then provides
absolutely every step you need to follow starting with a freshly installed
SuSE or Red Hat Linux system. It covers DHCP serving and client, DNS
server, Samba-3, OpenLDAP, etc.

In the Samba configurations you will find that (again) every requirement
has been comprehensively covered. Use of account (user/group/machine)
scripts is fully exampled.

I have paid attention to documenting how to configure printing using CUPS
- full example solutions.

There are detailed examples of how to configure Windows XP Professional
for Roaming profile suppport with full lock-down of the desktop including
folder redirection.

There are examples of how to implement centralized application sharing for
MS Office (requires the corporate version of Office), for OpenOffice, and

So: Is this an advertisement for the new book? - Yes and No

	a) The book will start shipping March 26th and will be released
	at the SambaXP conference in Goettingen, Germany, April 5th.

	b) The sources to the book will be released to CVS on April 5th
	or as soon after that date as possible - pending approval from
	Prentice-Hall - the publisher.

So: Does this mean that the HOWTO will not be updated? - No

	As soon as I get time I will update the Samba-HOWTO-Collection
	but the best way to accellerate that update process is if you, the
	reader, send me update suggestions and examples of wording.

	So far, not one suggestion for improvement has been bypassed - all
	have been accepted and applied.

- John T.
John H Terpstra
Email: jht at samba.org

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