[Samba] Novice Question

nuffers at tsainc.com nuffers at tsainc.com
Tue Mar 9 22:03:57 GMT 2004

First, I'm a UNIX administrator with some knowledge of Active Directory. I 
have been debating to send this for a while since I probably don't have 
the experience.   I have purchased and read the Official Samba -3 guide.

I have previously setup Samba 2.2.8a on Solaris with SECURITY = DOMAIN to 
a NT style domain.  This works very well for us.  No password prompting 
and only allows UNIX users to get to the share.

We are know going to Active Directory in the near future. 

Do I need to upgrade to Samba 3 to keep this? 

To join the AD domain as a member, to I need to compile with AD added and 
set SECURITY=ADS ?  or can I still use SECURITY=DOMAIN without compiling 
with AD support? 

I have also had problems compiling with AD support.  Is there a 
precompiled version that I can grab?

Steve Nuffer
nuffers at tsainc.com

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