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Derrick Seymour dseymour at
Tue Mar 9 19:53:30 GMT 2004

This worked.  I am just having trouble with the profile I copied over to my
server.  It seems like something got screwed up in the copy over.  My
desktop and Start Menu, well all my windows as a matter of fact look like
win 2k instead of xp.  And none of my settings I configured before I copied
it over came over.

The profile is fine until I copy it to my server.  I tried it on a bunch of
xp machines as the default and it works fine.

But the profile is there and it is working like a mandatory profile which is
cool.....thanx for the help......anyone have any ideas on my current


Derrick Seymour

On 3/9/04 1:09 AM, "Stumpfl Markus" <htl.traun.kustos at> wrote:

> As I posted just a sec before:
> Create a so called mandatory profile:
> Copy you "perfect" user profile into a new directory (of course in the
> "profiles" path) with the name '' and rename the 'ntuser.dat'
> to ''. And of course you have to change the smb.conf like
> 'logon path = \\%L\profiles\'
> Now the users CAN configure the desktop and everything but it will not
> be saved! It's working perfectly for me (up to now at least :-))
> Beware though: I don't know what happens with the "My Documents" Folder,
> so I would let it point into the 'real' users home directory. In Windows
> I've created the profile it should look like, pointed the Outlook-file
> and the home-dir. to the users path (i.e. 'z:'), copied this profile
> onto the server and now hopefully all important data will be stored,
> except the profile.
> cheers
> Markus
> I know, this too is a roaming profile, but because it's mandatory and
> needn't be compared (local <-> server), it's loading a lot faster! (on
> my slower machines even faster than a temp. local profile, because
> creating that takes some time!)
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>> On 3/8/04 11:48 AM, "Joe Cipale" <joec at> wrote:
>>> Derrick Seymour wrote:
>>>> Does anyone know how to edit smb.conf so that a users profile won't
> be
>> saved
>>>> upon log out?  Or how to get it done any other way?
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>>> Derrick,
>>> What is it, exactly, you are attempting to do?
>>> I can come up with a solution based on your pre-requisites.
>>> Joe
>> Joe,
>> I have a MacOSX 10.3 server with a bunch of WinXP clients.  I'm trying
> to
>> get my users, using the xp box, to authenticate to my server.  But I
> don't
>> want roaming profiles, takes to long to log-in/out.  I have it
> working,
>> have
>> had it working a bunch of different ways.  Currently I have two errors
>> messages upon log-on, saying
>> - can't find Roaming profile, attempting to log with local profile
>> - unable to locate local profile
>> It then logs on using the default user profile (exactly what I want)
> but I
>> don't want the users to receive those errors.
>> I have tried multiple configurations, I have got the errors to go
> away,
>> but
>> I would have to have local profiles for every user in my school, which
>> wouldn't be the preferred way of doing what I want.
>> I'm looking to have users log on to my xp boxes with the default user
>> profile, or have there own created when they log on from the default
> user
>> profile.  But have no changes they make to it saved.  I'm going to
> have
>> deep
>> freeze install on the machines so if settings have to be saved locally
>> it's
>> no biggy cause deep freeze will take care of that.
>> I'm open for any suggestions or ideas....
>> Thanx
>> Derrick
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