[Samba] maximum data integrity

Carlos Solorzano casolorz at cox.net
Tue Mar 9 19:10:59 GMT 2004

 We are building a file server and we would like to keep the data integrity
 to a maximum.
 The server will be samba, either reiserfs or ext3?
 The client will be winxp.
 Both the server and the client can be expected to be turned off without
 warning and without waiting for the OS to finish doing anything, so write
 caches will most likely need to be off.
 Anyways, I need any suggestions you may have, whats best for the server
 system, reiser or ext3? how do I turn off caching at all levels, including
 winxp caching. Anything that can help with keeping data integrity, speed is
 no issue.

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