[Samba] Samba Update Newbie Problem

F. Zimmerbeutel fzim at tfh-berlin.de
Tue Mar 9 08:01:42 GMT 2004


I'm quite new to Linux and now I've got a problem with installing the Samba
3.0.2 RPMs on my SuSE 8.2 system.

I deinstalled the older version of Samba and tried to install by using the
rpm -i command.
After successfully installing the client and documentation RPMs i get the
following errors:

pcy23:~ # rpm -i samba3-winbind-3.0.2a-30.i386.rpm
error: failed dependencies:
        samba is needed by samba3-winbind-3.0.2a-30
pcy23:~ # rpm -i samba3-3.0.2a-30.i386.rpm
error: failed dependencies:
        samba3-winbind is needed by samba3-3.0.2a-30

When checking on the client rpm i get the following:

pcy23:~ # rpm -q  samba3-client-3.0.2a-30.i386.rpm
package samba3-client-3.0.2a-30.i386.rpm is not installed
pcy23:~ # rpm -i  samba3-client-3.0.2a-30.i386.rpm
package samba3-client-3.0.2a-30 is already installed

The "package is not installed" error comes up for every other RPM, too.

Please help me... I just dont know where my mistake might be.


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