[Samba] WinXP Profiles

Derrick Seymour dseymour at mum.neric.org
Mon Mar 8 19:20:50 GMT 2004

On 3/8/04 11:48 AM, "Joe Cipale" <joec at aracnet.com> wrote:

> Derrick Seymour wrote:
>> Does anyone know how to edit smb.conf so that a users profile won't be saved
>> upon log out?  Or how to get it done any other way?
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> Derrick,
> What is it, exactly, you are attempting to do?
> I can come up with a solution based on your pre-requisites.
> Joe


I have a MacOSX 10.3 server with a bunch of WinXP clients.  I'm trying to
get my users, using the xp box, to authenticate to my server.  But I don't
want roaming profiles, takes to long to log-in/out.  I have it working, have
had it working a bunch of different ways.  Currently I have two errors
messages upon log-on, saying

- can't find Roaming profile, attempting to log with local profile
- unable to locate local profile

It then logs on using the default user profile (exactly what I want) but I
don't want the users to receive those errors.

I have tried multiple configurations, I have got the errors to go away, but
I would have to have local profiles for every user in my school, which
wouldn't be the preferred way of doing what I want.

I'm looking to have users log on to my xp boxes with the default user
profile, or have there own created when they log on from the default user
profile.  But have no changes they make to it saved.  I'm going to have deep
freeze install on the machines so if settings have to be saved locally it's
no biggy cause deep freeze will take care of that.

I'm open for any suggestions or ideas....



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