[Samba] krb5_cc_credentials not found [SOLVED]

Stefan Günther SMGuenther at web.de
Mon Mar 8 12:17:03 GMT 2004

a number of people reported problems when trying to join the ADS. 
The error message mostly looked like "krb5_cc_credentials not found" 
or "ads_connect: No such file or directory". 
I got these errors on my SuSE 9.0 (Samba 3.0.2a, heimdal-devels installed, 
Samba configured with --prefix=/usr/local/samba3 --with-ldap --with-ads) 
system, too. 
Well, now I'm a little step further: I don't get these messages anymore ;-)) 
I found a posting with google, that recommended to deinstall Heimdal and install 
MIT Kerberos. Although I found another posting that said Samba should work with Heimdal, 
 I removed it and installed the binaries from MIT (the source packages failed to compile): 
The MIT Kerberos likes to be installed in /usr/local/[bin|lib|....] but I choosed 
Before I removed the heimdal rpms, I made a copy of /etc/krb5.conf. Good idea, rpm 
removed the file. I didn't change the smb.conf ( usual parameters like in every docu) but 
copied the krb5.conf to /etc and /usr/local/etc (remember, MIT prefers /usr/local/etc). 
My "net ads join -U Administrator" finished without an error!! 
rpm complains about a number of dependencies when you remove heimdal. It's up to 
you whether you want to do a 'rpm -e --nodeps' 
Hope, this helps one or the other of you. 
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