[Samba] How to enable both remote and local users?

Manfred Odenstein manfred.odenstein at chello.at
Mon Mar 8 09:26:28 GMT 2004

take a look in /etc/nsswitch.conf

make an entry like : "passwd: files winbind" should solve your problem

regards odi

Am Mo, den 08.03.2004 schrieb Arno Hahma um 10:08:
> Is there any way to enable both local (/etc/passwd or smbpasswd) users 
> and users
> authenticated remotely by winbindd?
> I have a problem with samba-3.0.2a not recognizing local users at all, 
> if winbindd is enabled
> (and vice versa, of course).  However, I'd like to have local users 
> take precedence over
> networked users, i.e. samba would let in a user, if he/she is a local 
> one and only ask the password server, if none is found by that name. 
> This way, it would be easiest to implement a small amount of users able 
> to log in with a shell account the rest being samba-only users.
> So far, I have found no workaround to this problem, especially, if 
> there is the same username in the active directory domain and local 
> /etc/passwd. In this case, samba gets a real attack of schitzophrenia 
> and doesn't know whom to obey - with a result that nobody with such a 
> duplicate username can get a samba mount.
> --
> ArNO
>      2

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