[Samba] How to enable both remote and local users?

Arno Hahma arno at jyu.fi
Mon Mar 8 09:08:28 GMT 2004

Is there any way to enable both local (/etc/passwd or smbpasswd) users 
and users
authenticated remotely by winbindd?

I have a problem with samba-3.0.2a not recognizing local users at all, 
if winbindd is enabled
(and vice versa, of course).  However, I'd like to have local users 
take precedence over
networked users, i.e. samba would let in a user, if he/she is a local 
one and only ask the password server, if none is found by that name. 
This way, it would be easiest to implement a small amount of users able 
to log in with a shell account the rest being samba-only users.

So far, I have found no workaround to this problem, especially, if 
there is the same username in the active directory domain and local 
/etc/passwd. In this case, samba gets a real attack of schitzophrenia 
and doesn't know whom to obey - with a result that nobody with such a 
duplicate username can get a samba mount.


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