[Samba] 3.0.3pre1 byte range lock leak?

Dmitry Melekhov dm at belkam.com
Sat Mar 6 07:46:38 GMT 2004

I'm having a problem involving Outlook and .pst files and a lock that is
getting "stuck" I believe.

Once Outlook crashes in the fashion it does, it is unable to reopen the
file, claiming it is already in use. Explorer also does not let me
access the file. Rebooting the workstation does not fix it.

smbstatus does not show the lock, however hwen I show byte range locks,
there is one, from a PID that doesn't exist. I assume this is the
problem lock.


We had completely the  same problem with samba 3.0.0, so we downgraded it
back to 2.2.8.
I wrote about this problem, but nobody else said that they have such
Yesterday I installed 3.0.2a in fileserver.
Looks like I'll have to downgrade it again, if problem is still exists :-(

Unfortunately, I can't reproduce this problem on test server..
btw, we run SLES8.

 I think that samba at least needs a
smblocks utility to force locks to be released

I think this is good idea.

And, I need the same tool for WINS database too ;-)

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