[Samba] SMB gurus: please help - I am desperate.

Linux Lover linuxlover992000 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 5 18:40:11 GMT 2004

--- Steven Kurylo <skurylo at cleartech.ca> wrote:
> Have you tried setting up a proper guest account,
> instead of nobody?  
> Either change the guest account setting in smb.conf
> or the nobody user on your AIX machine.

Yes I did - with similar results. Both 'nobody' and
'guest' exist in /etc/passwd but are not allowed login
or any entry into the system.

As I mentioned in my re-post, I am not allowed (in my
corporate environment) to enable guest account(s) on
this machine.

Steven, Victor, Jeremy and Rashkae: Thank you very
much for trying to help!


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