[Samba] second printer connection

Gregory W. Eckrich newxman at outdrs.net
Thu Mar 4 20:17:44 GMT 2004

PROBLEM:  unable to print to the 2nd of two printers on a samba host.
-4 systems in a home network; connected to an HP Pro Curve hub (10 meg)
-3 systems run Red Hat linux 9.0
-4th system runs Windows 2000 Professional (system name:  Red)
-SAMBA server Snoopy has two directly attached printers, an HP 4L on 
LPT1 and an HP OfficeJet T45 on LPT2
       Snoopy:  384 MEG RAM; celeron 400 Mhz
       SAMBA:  ver 2.2.7a
-On red: (Win2K) if a print job is sent to the HP_4L, it prints cleanly; 
if a print job is sent to the T45, it does not print
       Red:  COMPAQ Deskpro 64 MEG RAM; Pentium 200 Mhz
-On red: if one clicks start, run and types " \\snoopy", all of the 
shares on snoopy are seen, including the two printers
        [Win2K troubleshooting says that this demonstrates a "basic" 
-On red:  either printer, upon being opened, reports in the title 
window:   "[printer] on snoopy, Access denied unable to connect"

-Both printers print correctly; various softwares see both printers

Greg.  Eckrich

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