[Samba] Samba3.0.2a, MS Office (Excel), Save problem.

Pirkka Luukkonen samba at con3.org
Thu Mar 4 06:51:55 GMT 2004


 I had the same problem with wxp_sp1+officexp, but it went away after
patching with hotfixes. Check for DENY_WRITE or so from smbstatus -L. These
patches will be included in the next xp service pack to be released on the
first half of 2004.



 Dmitry Melekhov wrote:
> Hello!
> <quote>
> Brief Description:
> This problem has now occured with a number of users, running
> different versions of Office (see below).
> When saving documents, Office seems to set the read-only bit. The
> problem is best shown with Excel, which when saving a spredsheet,
> reports the following error:
> "The Document was saved succesfully, but Excel cannot re-open it
> because of a sharing violation. Please Close the Document and try
> again."
> </quote>
> We have the same problem! On 2.2.8a...
> Unfortunatley, we can't reproduce it :-(
> As I readed on news group, some people have the same problem on
> windows fileservers.
> May be this is Excel problem?
> After all we used dos filemode to allow not owners change read-only
> bit....

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