[Samba] Samba 3.02a roaming profiles tdbsam / smbpasswd

Mike Young mikey at e-mage.com.au
Wed Mar 3 06:11:30 GMT 2004

I seem to have found a discrepancy between using the backend tdbsam and

When using the backend  smbpasswd if i have 
logon path = \\$L\profiles\%u\%m

then profiles are read and created correctly.

If I then switch the backend to tdbsam I get errors on both win2k and
winxp stating that the profiles cannot be located. 

After some investigation I noticed that when I then logged out of win2k
and winxp the clients tried to save roaming profile on the samba server 
called "%u".

I then changed the logon path to  read :
logon path = \\$L\profiles\%U\%M ; i.e UPPERCASE 'U' and 'M'

and the roaming profiles get created and read correctly now.


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