[Samba] Re: Samba and non-ascii characters

Martin C. Barlow samba at martin.barlow.name
Wed Mar 3 07:49:51 GMT 2004

I think unix charset is utf8 by default, so unless you have changed it, it
should be ok.

I don't think the other charset options will affect it. I presume that the
actual file server is configured correctly to handle exotic characters.

I think you should check that you have compiled other various charsets in
the kernel for samba. iso8559-15 is good for western european countries and
utf8 is needed as well.

good luck

<jurrie.overgoor at zonnet.nl> wrote in message
news:1077876317.403f165da6953 at webmail.zonnet.nl...
Hello everyone,

I have a problem with smbmount. After I mount a certain share, I can not
view files with weird charaters in their name. This happends for example
with the copyright char.
After searching with Google I still didn't find an answer. I guess it has
something to do with a 'charset' command, but I can't figure out wich one,
and what character table I should use...

I'm using RedHat 9 and Samba 3.0.2a, and I connect to a Windows 2000 SBS

Thanks for your help,

Jurrie Overgoor

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