[Samba] Problem: Files becoming directories

Michael Urban Michael.Urban at noaa.gov
Tue Mar 2 21:11:34 GMT 2004


I am encountering a problem with files on my samba mounted directories
accessed from Windows shares.  The shares are normally accessed from a
Windows 98 machine (but I've used XP, and the problem is still
present).   The problem: When accessing files from a samba-mounted
directory through Windows, some of the files "become" directories.  I
can create a text file named, say, test.txt.  At a later time, that text
file appears as a directory, named test.txt, in Windows Explorer.
Checking the file at the command line on the host system, the file has
actually become a directory...any data stored within that file is gone.
The problem is random, and checking the samba-related log files yields
no clues.

I have samba running on two different machines: 1) Red Hat 7.3, samba
version 2.2.8, and 2) HP-UX 10, samba version 2.2.3a, and the problem
appears on both machines.  Both machines connect to a Windows NT Server
(version 4, sp6a), and are using share level security.
Not sure if this is a samba-related problem, or a "feature" of Windows
(but I suspect the latter).

I have searched the mailing-list archives and have not found anything
similar to this problem.  Any clues on where to look would be

Michael.Urban at noaa.gov

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