[Samba] [EXPERIENCES] with OpenLDAP and Samba and Redundancy???

Andrew Smith-MAGAZINES andrew.smith.06 at bbc.co.uk
Wed Jun 30 14:17:23 GMT 2004

Mmm, you mean if two master replica's are disconnected by a network failure? Guess this might cause
some problems, but if you simply have a master replica down for the duration of a password update
as soon as it restarts it should sync up with it's peer?? This should cater for server redundency but
maybe leaves some issues open with relation to network connectivity...


On Wed, 2004-06-30 at 21:32, ww m-pubsyssamba wrote:
> I can't say I've tested this in any depth. Where multiple LDAP servers are listed as the LDAP
> backend is the behaviour of Samba that if it fails to contact the first listed server it will
> try the second and so on? If that's the case Samba should only ever try and update the password
> on a single LDAP server which would then replicate the change to any other master and slave LDAP
> servers in the environment. This should work pretty well no? Are my assumptions on Samba correct?

My worry is if two independent client update to two independent,
disconnected LDAP peers.  This particularly applies when we are doing an
atomic increment in LDAP, like we do in IDMAP, and like a good 'add user
script' should do.

Andrew Bartlett

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