[Samba] mandatory profiles, group policies, Samba3 PDC winxp Clients

fvela at mds.macon.ga.us fvela at mds.macon.ga.us
Tue Jun 29 14:35:12 GMT 2004

Hello all,

I've been trying to figure out what the best way of doing the group policy 
thing is. We are running samba 3 on slackware 9 with winxp clients. We are a 
school. i'm unclear on how much AD is actually supported... OU GPO all that. 
so i decided to go the "administrative template" way (used to be .pol files)

I'm thinking of having the students run off of a mandatory profile. However, 
is it possible to make one gid (students) go to mandatory profile, while 
making another group (staff/faculty) use roaming profiles???

I've gotten the roaming profiles to load and unload fine... they're slow but i 
have not started to optimize them with the folder redirection. 

However, one item still completely eludes me. I also need to configure 
different groups in my group policy (administrators, teachers and students), 
but the details on how to create and implement a multiple-group group policy 
are not clear in my mind.

This is the process according to me:(please clarify)

1.Either with the MMC or GPEdit.msc (which one???) i create a policy snap-in.
2.In there somewhere :-? i create the different groups and give them 
priviledges....(this part i really don't understand how to do)
3.then i save the file and merge it into the registry. 
4.then unload it from the registry into a ntuser.dat file.
5.i put the ntuser.dat in the netlogon as well as the default(and mandatory) 
profile folder.

any comments or suggestions would be very much appreciated. 

Thank you for reading this far and giving me your time and consideration.

Best regards,

federico vela

Mount de Sales Academy - Macon, Georgia
 postmaster at mds.macon.ga.us

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