[Samba] mandatory profiles, group policies, Samba3 PDC winxp Clients

Grégory TROUCHAUD gtd at makkinanews.com
Wed Jun 30 07:22:45 GMT 2004

I post a message few days ago, my problem is similar with u : 

but i still don't have to correct answer too. Some one send me poledit.exe 
from the nt 4 server cd but i don't want to use it: i don't have this license 

According to me, there is 3 ways to create gop :
	- the first: by using the poledit.exe from the nt4 server cd
	- or by downdloading freely the adminpak.msi from the microsoft site if u 
have a license of Windows XP pro (+sp1)
	- or by using the active directory 's MMC from any windows 2000/XP server

My problème is that i don't have any XP, 2000 server, NT4 server. So i can't 
create some GPO.
I don't find a way to create a GPO, using a windows 2000 pro


On Tuesday 29 June 2004 16:35, fvela at mds.macon.ga.us wrote:
> Hello all,
> I've been trying to figure out what the best way of doing the group policy
> thing is. We are running samba 3 on slackware 9 with winxp clients. We are
> a school. i'm unclear on how much AD is actually supported... OU GPO all
> that. so i decided to go the "administrative template" way (used to be .pol
> files)
> I'm thinking of having the students run off of a mandatory profile.
> However, is it possible to make one gid (students) go to mandatory profile,
> while making another group (staff/faculty) use roaming profiles???
> I've gotten the roaming profiles to load and unload fine... they're slow
> but i have not started to optimize them with the folder redirection.
> However, one item still completely eludes me. I also need to configure
> different groups in my group policy (administrators, teachers and
> students), but the details on how to create and implement a multiple-group
> group policy are not clear in my mind.
> This is the process according to me:(please clarify)
> 1.Either with the MMC or GPEdit.msc (which one???) i create a policy
> snap-in. 2.In there somewhere :-? i create the different groups and give
> them priviledges....(this part i really don't understand how to do)
> 3.then i save the file and merge it into the registry.
> 4.then unload it from the registry into a ntuser.dat file.
> 5.i put the ntuser.dat in the netlogon as well as the default(and
> mandatory) profile folder.
> any comments or suggestions would be very much appreciated.
> Thank you for reading this far and giving me your time and consideration.
> Best regards,
> federico vela
> -------------------------------------------------
> Mount de Sales Academy - Macon, Georgia
>  postmaster at mds.macon.ga.us

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