[Samba] W2K Domain w/ SMB Workgroup

Paul Kissick paul at paulkissick.co.uk
Fri Jun 25 13:16:49 GMT 2004

Is this possible?

I want to configure a W2K Domain for approx 20 comps/users, e.g.
'COMPANYDOM' and also have a workgroup which is separate, e.g. 'COMPANYWORK'
, and uses a linux server w/ SAMBA 3 giving access to shared folders which
are actually shares from the Domain.

i.e., the linux box is sharing shares! The main shares reciding on the W2K
server box, which the linux box is connecting to, smbclient, which the linux
box is then sharing again for the workgroup.

Again, is this whole principle possible. The company uses a lot of client
computers which are only on the network for about a week, which are then
loaded with proprietry software developed for specific purposes, and
connecting the clients comp to the domain seems like a pointless task, and
requires removing from the domain when the system is ready to ship.

Am i worrying too much about the problem, or should I just put them on the

Thanks in advance.

Paul Kissick

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