[Samba] [EXPERIENCES] with OpenLDAP and Samba and Redundancy ???

Thomas Reiß thomas at mypoint.franken.de
Thu Jun 24 11:53:10 GMT 2004

Hello Buchan Milne, 


> No you don't, unless your slave is misconfigured.
> | e.g. a machine changes its machine password in Slave directory and
> can't logon anymore cause the password change isn't replicated on Master
> |
> It's password change attempt will fail.


> Only if you've mis-configured it.
> Note that these questions don't really have anything to do with samba,
> you may want to ask on the openldap list.

Sorry about when i ask too.
But i think this on Topic on this List.

The Question is:
What happens in Samba when the Master LDAP Server ist down and a Change- 
Request for the Workstation-Machine-Account-Passwort comes?

- Is it possible that a User can't Logon on this Workstation?
- Or falls the Workstation out of the Domain? 
(Nevermore a Member of the Domain)?
- When nothing happens, why is there a Mechanism for changes of Machine
  Passworts (Security, or what else)?
- When i right understand, then is in this Szenario no Changes of
  Passwort's, LastLogonTime usw. possible, right?

Thank You

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