[Samba] FIXED: samba3 PDC+ldap domain logon problem

David Caplan david at david.ath.cx
Wed Jun 23 01:15:57 GMT 2004

Once again, I'm using samba 3.0.2a.
The line in smb.conf that reads: 
ldap machine suffix = ou=Hosts (or it can be ou=Computers)
has basically no effect. I think samba doesnt take it into account. When
it looks for the registered computers in the domain, it was looking in
the People group, not the computers group... so, if you are using the
IDEALX scripts, and this version of samba, make sure that in
smbldap_conf.pm has $computersou = q(People);
Also, just in case, I made the ldap machine suffix  line in smb.conf =
to ou=People.

It seems to work! :)

Does anybody here know if this is a bug? or if its fixed in the latest

- David

David Caplan <david at david.ath.cx>
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