[Samba] BEWARE when compiling with CUPS support

Richard Bonomo bonomo at sal.wisc.edu
Wed Jun 23 01:10:18 GMT 2004

Dear Folks,

I have been pounding my head against a wall trying
to solve mulitiple problems trying to get SAMBA
to work (Fedora core 2).   Authentication was
taking several minutes, and CUPS printing was

I finally removed the Fedora distribution
SAMBA binary, and installed the source (from
the distribution).

Recompiling solved the authentication problem
(by excluding the PAM handles).  I discovered
an annoying problem with CUPS support.

If you configure with the --enable-cups option,
but do not have the cups-devel package installed
(in addition to simply cups), the binaries
eventually produced simply will not work with
CUPS, but the configure and make process does
not complain.  

After scratching my head after seeing that SAMBA
was not even acknowledging the printers' existence,
I finally went through the config.log
file and saw that it tested for cups-devel, but
there was no comment or failure when it did not
find it; it just hummed along.

I decided to install the cups-devel package,
re-configured and re-made SAMBA, and "voila!"
there they were.   

The test pages even printed out!  (The cups
files had already been modified to pass raw


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