[Samba] smbd hangs when trying to start smb

Dane Mutters dane at techconnection.us
Tue Jun 22 23:33:02 GMT 2004

	Hello.  I've been using Samba for several months now at my office and
have recently run into a rather perplexing problem.  Whenever I type
"smb start" (as root) it will hang indefinitely with the words,
"Starting SMB Services:" on the screen, and will not start the processes
necessary to enable file sharing.  I don't think I've made any changes
to the system since Samba was last working properly.  Also, I've tried
starting the processes manually by typing, "smbd start" and "nmbd
start".  nmbd starts without any problems, but smbd still hangs
indefinitely. I REALLY like Samba a lot, and I also need to be able to
share files from my Linux box with other Windows computers on the
network.  Do you know why it's doing this?  Any idea of what I can do to
correct it?  I've searched the web for this problem but have come up

	Thanks very much for your help.


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