[Samba] Inconsistant winbind and getent results

Norman Zhang norman.zhang at rd.arkonnetworks.com
Tue Jun 29 19:34:54 GMT 2004

Marcel de Riedmatten wrote:
> Le lun 28/06/2004 à 19:52, Norman Zhang a écrit :
>>>># getent passwd nzhang
>>>>The last command displays nothing. Why?
>>>Last time i got that i had 2 users with the same numeric uid  (this is
>>>counting local users) or, i am not quite sure, 2 users or group with the
>>>same SID. To much playing !  So i would double check stuff like that. 
>>I don't have a local user nzhang on my Linux box. I added winbind enum 
>>users/groups, but testparm seems to ignore them. Below is my conf file, 
>>could you see if I'm doing something stupid?
> I said numeric uid,  not uid. This is the number int the third column of
> a passwd entry. You have idmap in your config therefore your are running
> samba 3. What is your domaine controler ?  By the way your config look
> good.
> An other way to look at the problem is to put
> log level = 3 or 5
> and to look at the winbind log after you have done the getent. 
> There surely will be some interesting message. 

Thanks. I don't have the duplicate numeric uid for nzhang. I checked 
wbinfo -u | user_x for users before and after nzhang. It seems nzhang is 
skipped. Below is a more verbose log. Do you see what the problem is?


[2004/06/29 12:30:26, 3] 
   [ 1759]: request interface version
[2004/06/29 12:30:26, 3] 
   [ 1759]: request location of privileged pipe
[2004/06/29 12:30:26, 3] nsswitch/winbindd_user.c:winbindd_getpwnam(124)
   [ 1759]: getpwnam nzhang
[2004/06/29 12:30:26, 1] nsswitch/winbindd_user.c:winbindd_fill_pwent(50)
   error getting user id for sid 

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