[Samba] Print error Logs...

Shridatt Sugrim ssugrim at winlab.rutgers.edu
Tue Jun 22 19:26:17 GMT 2004

I'm using samba to as a "PDC" for a domain named Student. The samba
server should "offload" print jobs to another samaba server
that is mangeing the Local printer pool, however when I sumbit to the
job to my PDC the job seems to spool, but nothing ever gets 
printed. If I send the same job to the samba server manageing the
printer pool, the job prints fine. When I check the error logs,
I find no entries pertaning to the print problems.. I have Log Level set
to 10. 

Is there some other parameter (besides recompileing) that can be set in
the smb.conf to enable print debug statments. I can't seem
to find the failure point..



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