[Samba] Samba3-LDAP PDC and SUSE OpenExchange

Simon Hobson shobson-lists at colony.com
Tue Jun 22 11:20:43 GMT 2004

Board, Clint wrote:

>I have setup a Samba3 PDC and BDC with an LDAP backend to replace my current
>NT 4.0 infrastructure. This configuration is working fine. I also am testing
>integration of SuSE OpenExchange and would like to have it authenticate
>logons via the domain LDAP database.
>From my preliminary testing i have found that OpenExchange attempts 
>an LDAP search for some information regarding the cyrus user 
>(PreferredLanguage to
>be exact) during loading of the login page via the webmail interface. I do
>see the search request hit the PDC LDAP server, but because of the directory
>structure differences that OpenExchange is looking for, this obviously
>Has anyone taken this on or have some input?
>I know this is probably more an OpenExchange question but i wanted to see if
>the Samba community has spent any time on this. I am assuming at this point
>it will take source modifications of the OpenExchange code but i am not

We have SLOX as my PDC and fileserver.

The LDAP schema is fairly easy to see, so I guess the first step 
would be to compare the schemas and see what is missing/different. If 
you can't reconcile the schema differences, would it be practical to 
configure replications to transfer key elements (such as password) 
between the two LDAP servers ? OK, not ideal, and you would still 
need to add users in two places, but it would allow you to have a 
single password for each user. It should be possible to write a 
script that would take any new users from one database and add them 
to the other, adding any extra fields with default values.

* We are using it with XP, at first we had loads and loads of 
problems, but our vendor upgraded Samba to 2.2.8a, so now we only 
have loads of problems :-(


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