[Samba] Anonymous access to Samba share with Windows XP Home

Charles Collicutt charles.collicutt at holyblasphemy.org
Mon Jun 21 23:12:49 GMT 2004

On 06/21/04 22:51:33, Scott Serr wrote:
> I think XP is confused on sets of credentials.  If you have any  
> connection to a server as a named user with a password, then  
> subsequent connections "want" to be that user/password.  Once (long  
> ago, 1999?) I got around something like this by declaring a "NETBIOS  
> alias" in smb.conf and connecting to the same server with the alias  
> name for the second share.

There aren't any previous connections to the Samba server from the  
WinXP box. I know what you mean, but if I log in as a valid user (e.g.  
so I can get at my home share) then I can access the anonymous share  
anyway. What I'm after is a way for someone without a user account on  
my linux box to access my anonymous share without providing a password  
(just the username "guest" or whatever.) I need people to be able to  
just bring a laptop into range of the WLAN and immediately have access  
to my anonymous share. This is incredibly easy to set up with Windows  
so it really shouldn't be that hard with Samba but I must have missed  

> Other thing to look at: Do anonymous shares work with security=user?   
> Maybe just security=share?

smbclient -U guest //encre/audio  (and an empty password string) works  
fine on the Linux box so I don't see why it shouldn't work from the  
WinXP box as well.

Thanks for the help.


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