[Samba] Samba 3.0.2a and MS Access 2002

Tim Russell timrussell at rocketmail.com
Sat Jun 19 15:41:25 GMT 2004

I think I've seen a few others with similiar issues, but so far no answers that have applied to me.
Basically, I have a solaris 8 box with Samba 3.0.2a that serves up all my windows printers. All printers for windows are configured in cups 1.1.20 as raw queues and I have point and print setup to push drivers to all the users.
I'm not having issues with any other office apps, but Access 2002 is having trouble. When users open a database and try to print, Access 2002 fails to detect the default printer. They have to select a printer from the file menu and then this printer becomes the default printer for all users (which is a problem as users are on different floors and have to constantly change the printer).
I know this seems like a small issue, but it's one of the last unexpected hurdles we have and we'd like to make our users happy. How can we make access 2002 detect a users default printer like ALL the other apps do.

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