[Samba] Log in one server, have shares in another ?

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Sat Jun 19 17:08:30 GMT 2004

Once you go to samba 3 there is a parameter that allows you to specify 
the home dir location.  Use the pdbedit command to change the homedir 

To use the same password data as the logon server, you can join your 
second workstation to the domain and use security=domain.  Make sure 
that your unix IDs are synced as well, either manually or by using a 
network directory like LDAP or NIS.

Mario Bittencourt wrote:

>I have samba server (2.2.X, migrating to 3.0.4) that authenticates the
>users and let them mount their "home" dir.
>I'd like to change that in order to have one server doing the
>authentication but the shares actually being accessed in a different
>user ----> samba server1/login
>       --------------------> samba server2/mount
>How can I do that ?  My ideai is to concentrate the passwords in samba
>server (since it already have the users created) but let them mount
>(without having to specifiy anything) the home located in a different
>server without having to create again the same user/password in samba

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