[Samba] Newbie smb.conf question

Rashkae rashkae at tigershaunt.com
Fri Jun 18 14:10:20 GMT 2004

Unix systems have a default permission.. On most system, the default is

User: Read-Write
Group: Read
Other: Read

Create mode is used to remove permissions.  That is, any permission
that is not in create mode gets removed.

The default create mode is:

User: Read-Write
Group: None
Other: Note

Therefore, any file saved will only have user Read Write permissions.

However, is you created a Create mode like this:

User: Read-Write
Group: Read-Write
Other: None

The result would be a file with these permissions:

User: Read-Write
Group: Read
Other: None

Even though create mode allowed a group write permission, the default
unix permissions do not include it.

Force Create Mode, however, will add permissions over and above the defaults.

Force Create Mode is used to add permissions..

So, In summary

Create mode will restrict file permissions.

Force Create mode will give permissiosn.

It should be noted, that Force Create Mode does not remove permission..

So, in as an Example

Create Mode:

User: Read-Write
Group: Read
Other: Read

Force Create Mode:

User: Read
Group: None
Other: None

The result will be files that are:

User: Read Write
Group: Read
Other: Read

The only effect Force Create mode has is ensuring that the User
alwasys has Read Permission, regardless of what the other parameters
say. It does not remove permissions that were otherwise granted.  If
you always want Force Create Mode to dictate and force exactly the
permissions you want, Change Create Mode to 000.  That will strip out
any default permissions, and only those that are then granted by Force
create mode will apply.

On Fri, Jun 18, 2004 at 09:13:22AM -0400, mbc at reisonline.com wrote: 
>Excuse my ignorance please, and the simple nature of this
questions...but > would someone explain to me the difference between
the "create mode" and > "force create mode" parameters in the smb.conf
file? When would "create > mode" *not* be forced?  > > Thanks!  > >
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