[Samba] smbspool to Windows 2000 Server: "ERRgeneral opening remote file"

Marc Haber mh+samba at zugschlus.de
Wed Jun 16 16:52:14 GMT 2004


I am trying to print from my Debian unstable Notebook to a printer
that is connected to a Windows 2000 Server. Target environment is CUPS
which uses smbspool as a front-end, and smbspool gives a strange error

|  export DEVICE_URI="smb://account:password@domain/server/printer"
|  smbspool foo bar Title 1 ignore Makefile
gives the error message
|  ERROR: ERRHRD - ERRgeneral (General failure.) opening remote file Title

Same thing happens with
|  export DEVICE_URI="smb://domain\account:password@server/printer"

When I use a different (wrong) password, the error message changes to
access denied, so I believe the account is OK.

When I boot my notebook with windows, I can print to that printer with
the account in question. So the Windows people say that the server is

Am I doing something wrong with smbspool?

Any hints will be appreciated.

I will be on site again on Friday, so I won't reply to answers until I
have tried what you suggested.


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