[Samba] strace

mbc at reisonline.com mbc at reisonline.com
Mon Jun 14 12:31:49 GMT 2004

>could you do a closer look at your smbd (maybe with truss or strace)
>to see what exactly happens?

Hi Chris.

	Do you mind if I butt in on this thread? I am currently fighting
tooth and nail with Samba and I am attempting to do an strace on it
myself...to no avail. When I start Samba with "strace -ff -o trace.out smbd
-D", the program starts, but I cannot connect to the service on my Windows
box. If I start it up without strace and then run strace to try and attach
it to the process id, all I get is "ptrace: Operation not permitted" and
then the process hangs so hard, even kill -9 smbd won't work! I still having
these process hanging in memory. How in the world can I strace samba?



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