AW: [Samba] strange copy speed

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Mon Jun 14 12:25:28 GMT 2004

Hello Götz,

could you do a closer look at your smbd (maybe with truss or strace)
to see what exactly happens? or maybe it would be enough to watch 
traffic between your client and server (and traffic between your 
server and nameserver, domaincotroler (if involved))

best regards,

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Imre, Nagy Jr. schrieb:

>>To copy the files on the server from the client tooks also about 40
>>To copy the files on the server beeing loged in by ssh tooks about 2 sec.
>>Anny ideas what could be wrong??
> I might be wrong, but asymetric speed is most often caused by improper 
> auto-negotation. Try to set speed on interfaces manually if You can do so.


I don't think that this could be the problem, because if I copy the same
files from the same client to the same server using netatalk on the
server side or using scp gives me the same speed in both directions (+-
5 sec./100MB)



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