[Samba] Why Database Records Not REFRESHED?

SP Chua (Office) spchua at isos.com.my
Mon Jun 14 12:11:18 GMT 2004

Dear Sir,

A have a Application runing on DOSEmu under LTSP environment over a Samba client of RedHat Linux 9.0, which accessing NT4.0/PDC Server.

I use the smbmount to dynamically Mounting folder from NT4.0 Server upon user login and map to Dos Drive under DOSEmu environment.

We are facing a problem that :- 
If USER1 of Session1 (over Linux LTSP) are ENTERING new Database Records, sometime USER2 of Session2 (also over Linux LTSP) "CAN NOT" display the REAL-Time records entered by User1. If USER2 logoff and re-login again... then he can see it. Why? Any workaround? 

Best regards

from spchua

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