[Samba] File corruption

Warren Odom wodom at stenocall.com
Mon Jun 14 02:58:18 GMT 2004

Thanks for answering my message so quickly.

> I don't know of any reproducible data corruption
> bugs in the current versions of the code (naturally if I did I'd be
> full time on fixing them immediately :-).

Yes, that's the impression I got after perusing old discussion threads,
including some messages with your name on them.

> Have you updated to the latest redirector hotfixes on all your clients ?

Well, we have updated the "vredir" files, if that's what you mean, on Win
95/98 to the version level specified by the 3rd-party software vendor.  But
they required that for the Novell client too, not just the MS client.  Other
than that, we haven't updated all systems, and that hadn't occurred to me.
(I've been kept busy researching Samba options, scratching my head,
rebuilding files, and upgrading NICs, also with the latest drivers
downloaded from 3Com).  All the MS updates I remember seeing are
security-related.  But if you think this is a realistic possibility, I can
run Windows Update and see about service packs or networking updates.

Which brings up a point:  Do you know of any reason Win 98 (2nd Edition)
shouldn't work in this environment?  Put another way, does your experience,
or what you've heard, give you any reason to think that Win 2K might succeed
with Samba where Win 98 fails?  (The software vendor does list win 98 as a
supported client.)

> Does your vendor have test code to ensure server/client correctness
> a particular server ? What recommendations does the vendor make when using
> their software in an all-Windows (no Novell) environment ? Do they
> any changes in server or client settings ?

Yes, they have specific recommendations, and they have a program to be run
on all client workstations that tells you if anything is wrong, and sets the
registry entries they want.  They do support Novell and Windows servers.

The registry entries vary according to the network client and the O/S; for
instance, on the Windows client they turn off oplocks on Win2K clients but
not on Win 98 because I guess Win 98 doesn't support oplocks anyway.  On Win
98 they turn off something, I think it's write-behind caching.  I have run
this program on all clients (on some, several times just to make sure I
didn't miss them).

They have recommendations for the a Windows server:  Disable network
redirector file caching (MS article 163401), disable oplocks, and disable
RFCB open cache limits--but I presume all these are covered by the Samba
options I have set.  If you want to see all their recommendations, they are
at http://managemore.com/faq/networking.htm#NT .

        -- Warren

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