[Samba] File corruption

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Mon Jun 14 01:58:02 GMT 2004

On Sun, Jun 13, 2004 at 08:05:02PM -0500, Warren Odom wrote:
> Week before last we had 3 corruptions in 2 days.  After the first two,
> that's when I finally turned on #3 above, and then within a few hours had
> the third corruption.  The boss is really getting upset that I have to kick
> everyone off the system to rebuild the problem file--some of these files are
> > 300MB and take 2 hours or more to rebuild.  He is saying another problem,
> and Samba goes into the trash and we revert to the Novell server.

Ok, the interesting thing here is that you've moved from using Novell client
software on your Windows clients to depending on the Microsoft code shipped
with Windows.

The Microsoft code is noticeably poorer quality at doing things like
multi-user database access than the Novell code. Note I'm not ruling
out a bug in Samba, but I don't know of any reproducible data corruption
bugs in the current versions of the code (naturally if I did I'd be working
full time on fixing them immediately :-).

Have you updated to the latest redirector hotfixes on all your clients ?

Turning off oplocks and setting strict locking is the *minimum* you should
to to attempt multi-user database access using the Windows client code.

> 4.  Does anyone know of some software I could run to actually test Samba for
> problems?  Something that would really exercise multi-user access.?

Does your vendor have test code to ensure server/client correctness against
a particular server ? What recommendations does the vendor make when using
their software in an all-Windows (no Novell) environment ? Do they recommend
any changes in server or client settings ?


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