[Samba] Password History

Matt Lung matt.lung at midwest-tool.com
Thu Jun 10 14:29:12 GMT 2004

I have a Samba 3.0.4 test server running on Fedora Core 1 to test the 
functionality of the new version.  We will be moving from 2.2x to 
version 3 soon and everything looks great and is working great on the 
test server except for one thing.  I was messing around with the 
password history option and after changing it I can no longer change my 
passwords.  I get the error message "Your password must be X characters 
and cannot repeat any of your previous 0 passwords."  This is on a 
windows 2k machine. 

I really don't care that it doesn't work or has not been implemented yet 
since I'm just testing, but when I try and turn it off with pdbedit -P 
"password history" -C 0 ..... it does not turn it off or reset whatever 
it needs to reset.  I've also tried to turn it off through usrmgr in 
windows, but no help.  My question is how do you turn password history 

Thanks for any help

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