[Samba] samba with daemontools

Csillag Tamas cstamas at digitus.itk.ppke.hu
Thu Jun 10 15:28:28 GMT 2004

Hi all,

I am trying to use samba with daemontools. (and it's brother runit:

I do not want to talk much about runit itself. The main point is that
samba *must* run in foreground mode (no fork, no detach from terminal).

It is fine up to this point. I found an option '-F' and if I start with
smbd -F It will run in foreground so it's OK.

But I want to use runit for logging too. This way the logging info
needs to be written to a terminal (not a file)

smbd's manpage says:
 -S     If  specified,  this  parameter causes smbd to log to
        standard output rather than a file.

So I expected that with this option it will write the *same* to STDOUT
as usually it written to a (log)file.
But it is not! Very little output only.

It seems that smbd ignores the loglevel settings in smbd.conf when
I invoke with '-S'. If I raise the debuglevel with '-d' it produces some
output but it is not the same AFAIK as loglevel.

I have log level = 1 in smb.conf
I see no way to specify loglevel from command line (in fact I do not
want to I want to use the value from smb.conf)

Is there a way to solve this or the inbuilt logging mechanism can be
only used?

Thanks, in advance.

PS: I use Samba 3.2 (compiled by me)


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