Follow-up: [Samba] Authentication and Joining failing after a time.

Greg Folkert greg at
Sun Jun 6 18:55:01 GMT 2004

On Thu, 2004-06-03 at 12:00, Greg Folkert wrote:
> I have a Samba Domain that did migration from:
> 3.0.0 -> 3.0.2 -> 3.0.2a ->3.0.4
> It is a very healthy machine it is running on. A heavily updated RedHat
> 7.2 machine. I have rebuilt newer source SRPM to update it. Pretty much
> updated piece meal since forever, and probably is updated e"enough". It
> is lean, as I do not believe in Garbage installs. 
> But, the point of this is: About a week after installing the
> 3.0.4-1_rh73, this domain has to be restarted ever ~4-6 hours to fix
> Authentication issues. When first restarted (not kill -1, but ->stop
> ->start) I can have my Win9X Clients authenticate just fine. I can also
> Join and manage things just fine. But after a certain point this Domain
> will not authenticate my Win9X, or Win2KP or WinXPP. Nor can I do any
> domain admin. If the machines are already authenticated and not
> restarted/rebooted or logged out, they do just fine.
Well, I removed SAMBA and deleted all the files related to it. Well kept
a copy of the conf. Removed all machines accounts from the /etc/passswd.
Installed SAMBA 3.0.4-1_rh73.i386.rpm

did not start samba, but laid in the conf. Started up swat and went
through everything piece by piece, even got the group add and user to
group add/rem scripts running proper (sucks when adduser doesn't handle
groups at all). Machine add script works, add share works, add printer

Best of all Machines can join the domain and login proper. All my
policies work, and profiles work as well. Every user had to "take
ownership" of the profiles area of their own, once they were in with a
temp roaming. I forgot to record the domain SID. OOPS. Did all my group
mapping exercises... 

One VERY significant piece of info: The patch to Windows 2K and XP that
required 3.0.4 to be released, you cannot rollback the patch. Doesn't
work period. As I tried to use v3.0.2a rpm with all the clients rolled
back. It could see the Domain, could see the server, but once I tried to
login to the SAMBA domain it would just Disappear. Windows would
complain that the network is no longer available. No a fresh install of
W2K without the Authentication change would work... NO problem.

> Your help is most greatly appreciated in advance.

Guess, nobody cared to even comment on this one. I'll have to remember
greg at

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